Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Vehicle Mayhem: Play Area

The fancy board I use for playtesting

As I work to complete my Vehicle Mayhem rules, I'll be posting previews & details of the creation process. 

When I started on my DCC vehicle rules, I knew I wanted to keep it simple and fast paced. The old Milton Bradley board game Thunder Road was a big influence. I love the simplicity- a never ending road, with the old section cycling to the front as the cars move forward.

Vehicle Mayhem is more condensed and slightly more abstract. The play area is used to represent the relative positions of the cars as they race ever onward. Cars shift as their respective speed changes; cars moving too fast or slow leave the race. The action follows the pack, with the center vehicle as the "Pace Car". If cars exceed the pace, they may move forward on the board; if they cannot match the pace, they must move backwards. Fail to meet the pace too many times and you'll be left behind. I think this gives the action a cinematic feel.

The road is divided into lanes & zones (think of them as columns & rows). Initiative progresses by zone from front to back, in initiative order within a given zone. This gives the cars in the back a chance to react to cars acting in front of them. I'll talk a little more about actions in a future post.

A public playtest at a local game store

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