Thursday, December 27, 2018

Looking Ahead

Thank you all for supporting Star Crawl & Vehicle Mayhem! I'm extremely excited to have both books appear on the Goodman Games list of 2018's top selling 3rd party products. Star Crawl is #1 & Vehicle Mayhem is #6 on the non-zine list!

Star Crawl's been out for a few months, so let's talk about what's planned for the future of Tuesday Night Fiend Club.
  • Games: I'm good on copies of Star Crawl, but Vehicle Mayhem is down to the last few copies. I may do a second print run soon, cleaning up a few typos I caught late & adding the rules for Virtual Mayhem. There are two other ideas I'm playing with releasing in similar format as Vehicle Mayhem, but I'd like to get some Star Crawl material out first.
  • Adventures: I'm currently working on two adventures for Star Crawl (2nd & 4th level). Both will have full conversion rules to run as MCC adventures. I hope to have them printed by the end of spring. 
  • Setting: I'm also writing a sort of micro-campaign setting. It will provide a complete planet for Star Crawl crews to explore, including information on the world, adventure seeds, bestiary, and a hex-crawl. It will also include a new class and I expect to include other supplemental material (such as race templates) with future setting books. I'm also thinking on adding a planet-specific occupation table for players who want their characters to originate from there. My goal is to keep each light and zine-sized. Barring any issues, the first should be out this summer.
  • Conventions: Right now, in 2019 I'm only planning to attend GaryCon. I'll be running 3 Star Crawl games there (the ones listed above, plus a Star Crawl/XCrawl crossover I'm collaborating on with superstar DCC judge Mike Bolam), plus 2 Marvel Super Heroes games (all the games I'm running on the books are listed here). With any luck, I'll have a stack of adventures for sale! 
  • Podcasting: I'll be appearing on the next episode of Glowburn, the MCC podcast. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to talk about gaming with that awesome crew.