Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Star Crawl Resources

The following resources are for use with Star Crawl (available now in print on the Goodman Games web store and in PDF from DriveThruRPG).

Character Sheets

Race Templates

Character Tokens

Ship Templates (for best results print the first two pages double sided, flipped on short edge)

Pregen Characters (stored on the DCC & Friends Character Repository)

Pregen Characters & Ships for Threen Station Zero

Pregen Characters for Electric Friends

Supplemental Materials

Merchant Race Template (created by James Walls for the Glowburn Podcast)

Space Cowboy Class (inspired by Dave Baity's Dark Trails RPG)

Rodent Race Template (adapted from Mouseling class created by Michael Harrington for Dark Trails)

Star Crawl Random Alien Generator Mini-Zine (for best results, print at actual size- don't shrink to fit)
Mini-Zine folding instructions:
Image result for folded zine

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