Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Coming Soon: Threen Station Zero!

Yes, I know I've been promising new Star Crawl material for over a year now, but it's finally on its way! Work, family, & general life commitments prevented me from making much progress through 2019, but I finally have the first Star Crawl adventure nearly complete. "Threen Station Zero" will take your party on a mission to explore a lost space station. I've even worked in guidance for running it as a planet-based MCC adventure.

I expect to have the first copies on hand for  GaryCon at the end of March; it should be available on the Goodman Games store & DriveThruRPG not long after.

Speaking of GaryCon, I've got 2 Star Crawl events on the books: "Electric Friends" (2:00 Friday) and an game at 2:00 Thursday (this will be the first playthrough of this one). If you're in the Pittsburgh area, I'll be running Electric Friends at Phantom Games in Oakland on Feb. 23rd .

Back to Threen Station Zero. Here's what you should know:

  • It's looking to be 40-50 pages & I'll be printing it zine style (small format, B&W, saddle-stitched). 
  • For ease-of-use, it includes pregenerated characters and stats for all ships you might expect to encounter. Once it goes up for sale, I'll post character sheets for the pregens on the Star Crawl resources page. 
  • Barring any printer surprises, it'll sell for the same as Vehicle Mayhem: $5 print, $3 PDF
I've had a great time running Threen Station Zero for a few different groups and, if you're a fan of Star Crawl, I really think you'll enjoy it.