Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Registration for Bride of Cyclops Con is now open! I'm running two Star Crawl games: Electric Friends and Scions of Leviathan, an adventure I've been playtesting this year (with luck, I should have it out in early 2021). If you search the event listing for Star Crawl, there are also a few others running SC events. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Electric Friends Now Available!

The next adventure for Star Crawl, Electric Friends is now available in print from the Goodman Games webstore & in PDF at Purchase of the print copy through GG includes a free PDF.

In this adventure, your party will explore a robot factory at the behest of an eccentric benefactor. I've had a great time running this adventure over the past year and I'm thrilled to finally be able to share it wide! In addition to the complete adventure, Electric Friends includes the Space Cowboy class and Rodent race template. The Space Cowboy class is added to the new printing of Star Crawl, but I've included it here for folks who already have a copy of the first printing.

And after being sold out for some time, Star Crawl is finally back in print! It's got a few new pieces of art and significantly fewer typos- get the full details here!

Monday, June 29, 2020

SC Character Tokens

To aid running Star Crawl games online, I made a set of tokens for all the Star Crawl character classes & races. These are simple circles, replicating the icons at the bottom of the Star Crawl character sheets & race templates. They work great with Roll20, but I haven't tried them with any other virtual game portals.

Star Crawl 2nd Printing

Star Crawl has been far more successful that I'd hoped, selling consistently since its 2018 release. As I prepare for another print run, increased printing costs and new distribution options are forcing me to raise the price from $15 to $20. The price of the PDF will not be increasing and I will update the files on DriveThruRPG so folks who bought it there will automatically get the new files. 

Star Crawl is still a value at $20, but to entice you even further, I'm making a few updates to this printing:
  • Space Cowboy class: This class is also available on our resources page & will be included in Electric Friends, an adventure being released soon.
  • Power weapons fumble table: This gives some extra flavor for critical failures with powered weapons, such as photon pistols and plasma blades.
  • New art: I'm replacing a few pieces of art I didn't like from the first run & adding in a couple more pieces. 
  • Typo corrections: In a few places, I caught some mistakes I missed last time around. These will be corrected. 
The last few copies of the first printing of Star Crawl are available on the Goodman Games webstore (I've only got 1 copy left myself), so get it while you can- it's soon to be a collector's item!
UPDATE: The first printing of Star Crawl is officially sold out! The updated printing is due back from the printers any day now, so it should be available in the Goodman Games store very soon! Once it's listed there, I'll update the PDF at DriveThruRPG.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Black Lives Matter Charity Event

If you don't have a PDF copy of Star Crawl, it's included in one of the bundles at the DriveThruRPG Black Lives Matter charity event. There are a lot of great books available in each bundle and 100% of the proceeds go the the charities. Great games for an even better cause!

DriveThruRPG BLM Charity Event

Direct link to the bundle that includes Star Crawl

Monday, May 4, 2020

Star Crawl Online

I've been running a number of online games in recent months, including full tables at Virtual GaryCon and Cyclops Con. In addition to Threen Station Zero, I've been running Electric Friends, a 3rd level adventure. These sessions have gone very smoothly and I hope to have Electric Friends ready to publish this summer. I've also started running a 6th level adventure, Scions of Leviathan. That's still in the very early stages, along with two other long-simmering projects. 

I'll be running two Star Crawl sessions at Con of Champions, the convention to help keep Tabletop Events afloat. Tabletop Events is a great site, powering most of the best gaming conventions around. The COVID quarantine has been particularly tough on them, as their entire business model depends on people gathering together in large groups. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Now Available: Threen Station Zero!

Now available: Threen Station Zero, the first adventure module for Star Crawl! Explore an abandoned space station, learn about a long dead race, and profit from it!

Print copies can be purchased through the Goodman Games webstore and the PDF will be available in the next few days through DriveThruRPG. It's almost 50 pages of goodness- a steal at $5 ($3 PDF)!

A free PDF of pregen characters & ships for use with the adventure is available here.