Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Star Crawl Resources

The following resources are for use with Star Crawl (available now in print on the Goodman Games web store and in PDF from DriveThruRPG).

Character Sheets

Race Templates

Character Tokens

Ship Templates (for best results print the first two pages double sided, flipped on short edge)

Cybernetics Record Sheet

Pregenerated Characters

Pregen Characters (stored on the DCC & Friends Character Repository)

Pregen Characters & Ships for Threen Station Zero

Pregen Characters for Scions of Leviathan

Supplemental Materials

Merchant Race Template (created by James Walls for the Glowburn Podcast)

Space Cowboy Class (inspired by Dave Baity's Dark Trails RPG)

Rodent Race Template (adapted from Mouseling class created by Michael Harrington for Weird Frontiers)

Star Crawl Random Alien Generator Mini-Zine (for best results, print at actual size- don't shrink to fit)
Mini-Zine folding instructions:


  1. Would it be possible for you to update the Random Alien Generator to now include the Rodent and Merchant races?

    1. The Rodent tables will be included in Electric Friends; if I do a published release for Merchant Races, I'll add tables for them as well. For the mini-booklet, I unfortunately just can't fit any more in there.

  2. Thanks anyway. Glad to see you are going to continue to provide content for the game. Picked up Electric Friends!

  3. Hey love your work just bought star crawl....how about time crawl and spy crawl oh and let us not forget fantastic frontier crawl finally there is super crawl Villians,Vigilante and Vice.

  4. Heya! I'm new to DCC/MCC and Star Crawl but I'm loving it all. I've just put up a blog and am planning a YouTube channel solo playing DCC/MCC/Star Crawl - but I was hoping for your blessing before doing so. Please get in touch if you want to discuss anything. Thanks!