Monday, May 4, 2020

Star Crawl Online

I've been running a number of online games in recent months, including full tables at Virtual GaryCon and Cyclops Con. In addition to Threen Station Zero, I've been running Electric Friends, a 3rd level adventure. These sessions have gone very smoothly and I hope to have Electric Friends ready to publish this summer. I've also started running a 6th level adventure, Scions of Leviathan. That's still in the very early stages, along with two other long-simmering projects. 

I'll be running two Star Crawl sessions at Con of Champions, the convention to help keep Tabletop Events afloat. Tabletop Events is a great site, powering most of the best gaming conventions around. The COVID quarantine has been particularly tough on them, as their entire business model depends on people gathering together in large groups.