Monday, January 4, 2021

What is Star Crawl?


What is Star Crawl?

Star Crawl is a sci-fi role playing supplement, designed for Dungeon Crawl Classics but easily adapted for any d20 based RPG. The book's 100+ pages include:

  • Seven new classes, designed after classic sci-fi archetypes
  • Rules for applying race templates, further customizing your character. The core book includes 12 race templates, but more keep coming as bonus material in our adventures and on this website.
  • Advanced weapons, armor, and equipment- including a 100 entry table for random weird items
  • Rules for starships and space combat
  • 3 new patrons appropriate for any class
  • Rules for randomly generating new worlds, with tables for random celestial and terrestrial quirks
  • A bestiary of aliens and creatures
  • A full 0-level funnel adventure

Can I get adventures & supplements for Star Crawl?
Absolutely!  So far, we've released two adventures:
  • Threen Station Zero: A 2nd level adventure set in an abandoned space station
  • Electric Friends: 3rd level characters are tasked with retrieving parts from a robot factory
I'm a really slow writer, but we're working on a few more books we hope to have out soon:
  • Beyond the Flesh: A complete cybernetics supplement, including an all new Star Crawl adventure
  • The Scions of Leviathan: Wherein the characters must rescue a young man from the clutches of a doomsday cult
  • Cries from the Void: A compilation of short scenarios and encounters
Our adventures include pre-generated characters to let you play right away and bonus material to supplement your games. 

Are there online resources for Star Crawl? 
With every new release, we post the supporting materials here. This includes character sheets, race templates, and pregens. 

Why should I take your word that it's good?
You shouldn't- I'm the one selling it. Maybe check out some reviews: 
And Star Crawl has been one of the top selling 3rd party products on the Goodman Games webstore three years in a row

Star Crawl sounds awesome! Where can I get it? 
Print copies of all of our books are available on the Goodman Games web store and PDFs can be bought through DriveThruRPG