Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Star Crawl 0-Level Playtest

For those in the Pittsburgh area, I'll be running a Star Crawl playtest on Sunday, May 27th at Phantom of the Attic games in Oakland. This will be the first time I run "The Promethean Adventure", the 0-level funnel that will be released with Star Crawl. The event will be great for new & experienced DCC players: characters will be provided & rules will be taught.

This will also be the first session where I test out Star Crawl's 0-level characters. As with DCC, characters start out as normal people, only gaining standard character classes at 1st level. Unlike DCC, most 0-level characters don't have weapons of any kind. I'm leaning heavy into the idea of Star Crawl heroes being normal folks pressed into unusual circumstances and rising to the occasion. The Promethean Adventure is written with this in mind: most encounters will be more environmental and situational. It should be a good time!

The event is listed on Facebook under the DCCRPG Pittsburgh group.