Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Virtual Mayhem

Here's a new scenario for Vehicle Mayhem: Virtual Mayhem! Virtual Mayhem is intended to simulate a car race in a virtual world. The race should move much quicker and be more dangerous than straight Vehicle Mayhem- perfect for a quick game. Mike Bolam came up with the concept as part of a very special 0-level funnel tournament he's running.

Virtual Mayhem Rules
For best results, print out this PDF double-sided and cut down the middle for two copies sized perfectly to fit in your Vehicle Mayhem rules.

I recommend giving identical cars to each player. When the game is so much more deadly, minor advantages in armor & weaponry can be greatly magnified. This character sheet includes two blank sheets & two of the identical cars I'm using for Virtual Mayhem.
Virtual Mayhem Pregens

And, just for fun, here's a bonus play aid for when you roll 1 or 12 on the Virtual Mayhem events table
Virtual Insanity

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