Friday, January 5, 2018


Welcome to my place for stuff about gaming. First off, a little about myself.
I'm a longtime gamer, playing RPGs for closing on 30 years. I started out, like most, playing 1st & 2nd edition D&D and never stopped. Since about 1991, I've pretty constantly had a gaming group. Outside of holidays, vacations, etc, I've gamed every week. Most of that time has been spent as the game master, running D&D (1st-3rd editions), Marvel Super Heroes, James Bond, Hackmaster, Deadlands, Labyrinth Lord, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and a few others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Currently, I'm running LL & DCC campaigns. Outside of that, I'm an avid comic book fan (mostly Marvel- I co-host a podcast called Marveling at Marvel's Marvels) and halfway decent miniature painter. I'm married to an amazingly patient woman and father to two wonderful children- even though this blog is focused on my gaming side, the three of them are my life and center. 

I've played with some incredible people over the years and they've all taught me a great deal about life and games. The name for this blog, Tuesday Night Fiend Club, comes from my current group, who I've played with for about 7 years. My plan is to share here the experiences I have with them, along with rules and resources I develop for our games. I'm currently working on converting some of the stuff I've come up with for my DCC campaign into 'zine format to release as third party products under license from Goodman Games (so there will be a lot about that here). 

So, yeah, thanks for reading & hope you find something interesting here!


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