Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Folio Character Sheets

The character sheet I currently use for Labyrinth Lord evolved from one simple desire: the ability to easily take away a character's equipment. The PC is taken prisoner & stripped of goods; a tournament is entered, where only special gear can be used; a character dies & their stuff is passed on. Plenty of times over the years, I've wished I could just pull off that part of the sheet. So, I made my Folio Sheet.

The outside page contains character basics- Stats, AC, Saves, & HP on the front; languages & skills on the back. The inside contains space for notes, character sketch, and a place to draw scars & distinguishing marks. Loose sheets for equipment & spells are held inside. 

Print double-sided (flip on short edge). Printing the whole thing will yield 1 character folio, 2 equipment inserts, and 2 spell inserts.

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