Friday, January 12, 2018

Vehicle Mayhem: Car Stats

As I work to complete my Vehicle Mayhem rules, I'll be posting previews & details of the creation process. Please see previous posts with the Vehicle Mayhem tag for more details.

I was heavily inspired by Car Wars and Battletech when working on vehicle stats. I wanted them to have that level of simplicity while still feeling like DCC. I ended up with four basic stats: Speed, Speed Die, Handling, and Durability.
Speed is how fast a car can go without penalty. Exceeding this incurs penalties to Handling.
Speed Die is the die used to see how fast your car can drive in a given turn. For example, muscle cars use a d20 and sedans use d16.
Handling is the DC for any checks the driver makes to maintain control of their vehicle. This includes stunts, unusual maneuvers, or responding to a collision.
Durability is the DC for an opponent to force your car out of control. Larger, more stable vehicles have higher values.

Damage to vehicles is in terms of  armor. Every 5 points of damage from a single source removes 1 point of armor. Once all armor on a single side is destroyed, damage to that side is considered critical. In the next Vehicle Mayhem preview, I'll talk about damaging your opponents.

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